Infinea X DF

The first-of-its-kind mobile HID reader for iOS

Create a secure and compliant ecosystem for patients and employees. The Infinea X DF is an all-in-one HID-enabled mobile healthcare device for iPhone 6S, 7, and 8. Now, caregivers can do more from a single, protected device with HID security capabilities, a high-speed and accurate barcode scanner, and ruggedized, durable plastic.

Infinea X DF HID

Security Where You Are

Increase efficiency and boost productivity. Learn more about the Infinea X DF; the first-of-its-kind mobile HID reader for iOS.
Shared device environment icon
Shared Device Environment

allows multiple users to perform daily work without compromising security.

Minimize IT Costs icon
Minimize IT Costs

and manage accounts across multiple systems.

EMR Proven and Certified Icon
EMR Proven and Certified

for secure clinical communication.

24-7 Workflow Icon
24/7 Workflow

with hot-swappable battery and high-speed barcode scanner.

Camera-Based Scanning


Introducing Imperea, an enterprise-class camera scanning solution for high-speed, accurate, and reliable data capture.

Camera-Based Scanning Device

Power and Protection

Strengthen every level of your hospital ecosystem with Imperea. This compact yet durable device was designed to meet the unique challenges of the hospital environment.

Camera-Based Scanning Device Icon
Camera-Based Scanning

enables rapid data capture.

Smart Hot-Swappable Battery Icon
Smart Hot-Swappable Battery

powers the device around the clock.

Intelligent Programmable Buttons Icon
Intelligent Programmable Buttons

allow you to customize the device to fit your workflow.

Supply-Chain Management

Linea Pro 7i

Enhance every step of the hospital supply chain with the Linea Pro 7i. This device promotes greater visibility in asset management and efficient supply chain practices.

Linea Pro 7i device image
Track Assets and Inventory
Track Assets and Inventory

with a high-speed 1D/2D barcode scanner.

Industrial Durability Icon
Industrial Durability

is suitable for any environment.

Hot-Swappable Battery
Hot-Swappable Battery

for 24/7 inventory operations.